Posted by Blair Middlemass


Interviews for Year 13 students



At some stage in a students life they will be required to be involved in an interview situation. This may be for a scholarship, a job interview, for a rental property, a bank loan.


As part of The Rotary Club of Oamarus commitment to the community we are going to start an initiative where we assist high school students develop life skills by running a mock interview situation.


At this stage WGHS has indicated a willingness to be involved in the project. I am to meet with the Year 13 Dean to discuss this further.



To give students an opportunity to experience an interview situation.

Provide feedback in both a relaxed verbal manner and support it with written material.


Target Audience

Intially as we start this programme with year 13 students.

If successful we will look to offer it to year 12 & 13 students next year and potentially expand that back to year 11 the year after. The more opportinities students have the more adept they will become at the skill.



This aspect is yet to be decided but it makes sense that we keep away from the exam season at the end of the scholastic year. The initial suggestion is September/ early October. It may be over one or two night depending on demand. Could even be a Saturday morning...I will be in touch on this one.


Rotary's Contribution

Provision of panel members for interviewing. This is where i need all the members help

Organising a suitable location – Ideas please. I feel a venue away from the school environment would suit best here.

Written support material

Positive feedback

Identifying work ons.



Free to students.


Next steps


Rotarians – I will need your support to form the various panels to interview students. We will have a bit of a session before the interviews so as we are doing and giving consistent information/feedback.

If anyone can think of a neutral venue that woiuld suit this purpose at no cost to Rotary then that would be awesome as well.

I am more than happy to take on uideas from Rotarians and others who want to assist with carrying the load of organising all this.