Posted on Oct 11, 2019
District Grants
The District Grant allocation process has been completed for this year. All clubs should have the allocated funds in their Foundation bank accounts this week.
Global Grants
Our District Rotarians are outstanding in the difference they make around the world through using the funds from The Rotary Foundation. We have currently 11 approved grants that are open, 5 that have been submitted and two currently in draft - a total of 18. There are also a few more in the pipe line.
GG2091621, GG2091685 - Give Every Child a Future
This project is part of a larger project initiated to celebrate the Centenary of Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. The project aims to introduce three vaccines into nine Pacific Island Countries. The aim is to immunize 100.00 of the most disadvantaged children across the pacific over the next three to four years and strengthen the local health systems to make this programme sustainable into the future.
The District has recently approved a DDF grant of $5000 to Niue and Tokelau to support this initiative.
GG1987661 - Teacher Training, Mangala, Nepal
Nepal is the poorest country outside Africa. Rotary does much to assist, but the ultimate answer lies in the education of the people. The starting point is the provision of schools and attracting students to attend, but without good teaching the children don't receive the quality education they deserve. Quality Education Nepal, a project of Rotary Australia World Community Service, has been training teachers in remote Western Nepal since 2011. More than 300 teachers have joined the programme to date, receiving 50 days training over three years, with annual refresher training continuing thereafter. In April 2017 a Rotary Foundation Global Grant added 225 teachers to the programme, and this grant is to train a further 80 teachers in the adjoining Mangala area.
GG2092713 Osligi Training Farm Upgrade Project- a long term commitment by the Waimate Rotary Club
The collaborative journey began in 2009 when Robin and Margaret Aims visited the Waimate District and spoke of their challenges and experiences in Kenya over a period of some 25 years. Their ongoing work with street boys from the Kibera slums in Nairobi has shown astounding results and had reached the point where there was a need to expand the farms sustainability to grow agricultural products for income as well as educate and train these young men in a multitude of farming based skill sets.
The Waimate Rotary Club took up the challenge in 2009 and raised $60,000 to drill a water well for irrigation and develop the irrigation infrastructure to irrigate the growing passion fruit and tomatoes.
Two Volunteer Rotarian's and wives from the Waimate Club travelled to Kenya and spent a month working to further develop the property. They built 2 metre high wind breaks over about 4 kms of perimeter and the shelter from this new infrastructure ensured the constant prevailing Easterly wind was minimised to ensure much more productive crops year on year. Pigs were also purchased along with the purchase of a much needed tractor with cultivation gear donated on the spot by a Waimate Rotarian.
That investment has been nurtured and maintained by the team on the ground at Osligi and the skills training results has grown positively and sustainably from there as well as providing a skills based training platform for the student farmers.
The second investment from Rotary District 9980 came when the decision was made to move to a farm closer to Nairobi for a better marketing position for sales of farm products. The existing farm was sold as a going concern and the monies from the sale were put to good use and the water project was transferred to the new farm.
This move has allowed Robin and Margaret Aims to better manage sales and also grow more productively the vital community based educational work they do with the boys.
In 2014, a group of local people through the Waimate Airlift Charitable Trust, administered by 2 Waimate Rotarians raised the necessary funding for building a 4-room classroom facility to enable the tutoring of the boys in a fit and proper classroom environment. This has in turn become a huge catalyst for educational growth. The Rotarians of Waimate and Wellington regions outfitted the rooms with desks, chairs and training equipment. The total spend was $140,000 and the facility was opened in 2014 debt free.
The ability to service the needs of the boys has been enhanced since the addition of accommodation for some of the training staff.
Robin and Margaret have served this group of the world's poorest and most disadvantaged on the African continent for over 35 years and Waimate Rotary club awarded them both with Paul Harris Fellowships and medals at a function in our Club in March 2019. So well deserved and at that point in our Clubs journey a decision was made to provide more sustainability to finish the job that Rotary helped start.
This new training initiative supporting the rehabilitation programme of the Nairobi Juvenile Prison Service, although a risk for the farm and training team, is a calculated one to also break that cycle of violence that many of these young men are locked into.
The increased learning capability and sustainable productivity of Osligi Farm, Nairobi, Kenya will ensure that the wages are paid, some profit is generated and the farm is self-sustainable while increased numbers of young men are farm trained and find gainful employment year on year. That will in turn help grow the Agricultural economy of Kenya and it goes without saying, feeding the world is our major goal, starting in Africa.