Posted on Sep 07, 2018
Silent auction for one found ring. Value in the region of $1800! All proceeds to Rotary. One week only. Deadline 4pm, Friday 14th September. Get all the details here.
Rummaging around old books always reveals hidden treasures. But Oamaru's Bookarama 2018 revealed one that was more sparkly that usual.
As a volunteer sorted books, she came across a ring.  It had clearly been lying around the dusty books a long time. Still, speculation was a fun way to pass the time that day and we all gathered round to see what we could make of it.
Diamonds? Saphires? Glass? 12 carat gold? 18 carats?
Dirty, old and lost but still lovely, "looks like it's special to someone" was a recurrent comment that day. 
We posted the finding on social media, shared it with everyone we could think of and a couple of people came forward. They wanted the ring to be their's and we wanted it to be too. But in each case the possible owner decided that it definitely wasn't their missing ring. So we took it to the Police. Three month's later we had a call. Finder's keepers - the ring was officially ours.
So one of our Bookarama Committee members took the ring down to local, expert jeweller, John Mathers. He cleaned it up and gave us his assessment.
"No stampmark on inner band. White stones tested as diamonds. Blue stone looks like an Austalian sapphire. Approx value est. $1800."
Now, John being a decent sort said that a gemologist could give a more refined estimate and that cost would be $85. So we the committee had a chat about it and decided the following;
  • we'll hold a silent auction with the facts as they stand
  • if anyone comes forward with proof this is their ring, we'll give it to them and cancel the auction.
That way we all get a ring for good.
  1. The auction might pull out the original owner (who gets their ring back for good) 
  2. The highest bidder keeps it (they get the ring for good).
  3. And the money goes to Rotary where it will be put to very good use.
You have a week! Visit our new Facebook page and post your bid. Highest bid wins. Deadline 4pm, Friday 14th September.
While you're there, feel free to like our page so you get all the latest updates on Bookarama Oamaru and share if you know someone who'd love this very special ring!