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Jul 03, 2019
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Exiting President's Piece
Now is the hour or, more correctly, now is almost the hour. Not to say goodbye, as the song famously has it, but rather to pass the baton to Blair whose year as President begins in a week’s time. He’ll outline his master plan when we meet at The Galleon (and a brilliant master plan it will be, I have no doubt) but, for now, at Sven’s suggestion, a few final thoughts as the curtain comes down and I exit stage left. 
In thinking about what to say, I find myself going back to the comments  I made 12 months ago when I, rather reluctantly, took on the President’s role. More than anything, I was intimidated by the volume of reports and requests and replies from outside the Club that had to be dealt with. It felt like taking over a small to medium business rather than a voluntary Club. But we’ve handled the paperwork - with assistance from others -  and, one year on, I still feel the essence of Rotary is what I said it was at the start of term. Back then, I quoted people who’d talked at us at induction courses and told us Rotary was in decline in New Zealand and other similar countries. The advice was to not to stick to rules that may turn people off but rather to go for whatever works for the members of your Club. 
“Do stuff” was the suggestion put to us as Presidents Elect. To which I added, “Have fun.” 
Do stuff and have fun. For me that says it all. And I really hope, over the past 12 months, you’ve had fun and done the stuff you wanted to. It’s been a year of change. The Directors were keen to try other meeting and meal options and we have gone to some new places. My feeling is that you’ve enjoyed that. The feedback’s been positive although there are changes I would insist on if we were to go back to some of the places at which we’ve had meals. 
I strongly feel we should try to keep the cost of meals down. My instinct is that cost is an issue we need to monitor. I remember a conversation at the Pipe Band Hall with an ex-member dropping off books for Bookarama who said, when I asked, “Why don’t you come back to the Club?” that Rotary was one of the ‘luxuries‘ he’d had to give up when he retired.  
With membership dropping nationwide - but not, this year, in Oamaru - we need to keep looking for ways to accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives - like excessive cost.
That said, it’s been a good year for the Club. We had a public meeting with Don Brash (and thanks again to Paul for flying down to Dunedin at his own expense to pick him up and Stewart and Bronwyn for hosting him). That allowed us to find new diabetes aids for the hospital, a project Alan spearheaded.
We had another great day on the chocolate wheel at the Heritage Festival and raised another tidy sum. We hosted a fantastic RYLA week here, which connected some amazing young people with Rotary. Adair’s got support from other Clubs for her On ya Bike campaign, we’ve had our best ever Bookarama - and a lot of fun together as we raised more than $30,0000. Huge thanks to Cara for her leadership and, just to clarify, when I mentioned at the auction that she was retiring, it was only from the Bookarama committee, not the Club. Speaking of which, the auction was another great night.  
Later this year, thanks to Gordon, we’ll launch a campaign to boost Monarch butterfly numbers. I believe this project, which will see us making Swan plants available to people who want to encourage Monarchs, will build huge support for Rotary and could attract some younger members. 
So the year’s nearly over and we’ve had fun (I hope) and done stuff  - like the tree planting out on the Alps 2 Ocean cycleway and the Rally of Otago marshaling gig. Please do something about the 5.30 am start next year, Paul.
We’ve heard business leaders share their philosophies, been the first community group to tour the Aviation Academy at the airport, enjoyed a beer tasting, whisky tasting and wine tasting, organised some great experiences for Rotarians coming to the Conference here earlier this year (and raised extra funds for ourselves in the prices) and, along the way, my feeling is we’ve had a lot of laughs.
There are lots of people to whom I owe lots of thanks but we’ll do that on July 3. Please come along, say Farewell to Celestine, Welcome to Blair and sign on for another year of having fun and doing stuff. 
At the end of the day, simple as those words may be, I still believe they sum up the essence if Rotary.
See you on the 3rd for a Belgian feast!! 
Jim Hopkins     
Incoming President's Piece
Well we have got the shortest day of the year out of the way, what brilliant weather it has been considering it is winter.
All through the training days that I have been to with Rotary to prepare for the year ahead as President there has been two consistent themes. Be brave and be relevant.
The being relevant theme is the one I want to focus on. I see that we need to be relevant in the community. Relevant in the way we interact with the community that provides benefit to them. Relevant in the way we provide and support programmes that help people in our community.
As I see it if we are relevant and telling our story to the community we will be better placed to attract new members. 
We have had one of our biggest years in recent history as a club and have started of on some fantastic new initiatives which we can add onto in the future. We have hosted Celestine, ran a RYLA programme, started the scholarship programme and were there for the launch of The Work Ready Passport. You certainly can't forget the effort and the success of Bookarama. The best year ever! Special thanks to Cara and all her team in pulling that together.
Some members have already approached me with their ideas as to how we can engage further with the community and I am looking forward to being part of it. Lots of fun and fellowship opportunities as we serve the community.
Keep Smiling
From the District Governor
March and April have always traditionally been busy Rotary months and this year has been no exception. Wonderful community projects have been run by many Rotary Clubs across the District. Rotarians doing what they do, very well – “Doing Good in the Community”.
Bookarama was another huge success this year with over $30,000 raised from the considerable efforts of Rotarians. New innovations were introduced at Bookarama this year with the customers able to vote for one of four charitable projects. The purchase of a chemotherapy chair for Oamaru hospital was the clear winner by a factor of three, and the directors have moved to purchase it, but support was also evident for the other projects. One such project is the Work Ready Passport (a programme providing a more cohesive link to employers for students entering the workforce for the first time by providing work experience, references, a driver's licence, teaching team work, life skills, personal wellness, gaining academic achievements, financial management skills and an understanding of health and safety at work). Another donor is the Migrant Support Services which helps migrants settle and connect with the community, and the final recipient is Emergency Response Kits for the pacific.
Bookarama in full force.
The four recipients.
Many hands make light work.
‘Polio surge in Pakistan’

Indeed, this year the number of cases of polio in Pakistan has increased and the virus transmission has intensified. Pakistan’s case count now stands at 19.

Of the total 19 cases, 13 have been detected from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while three were detected from Punjab and Sindh each.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award 2019
One of the pluses of RYLA is that it’s a hugely flexible programme so clubs can do pretty much whatever they want. One of the challenges then is that with no set programme to follow, each host club tends to build a programme from scratch. Because our research told us that awardees want to do leadership not just study it, we created a programme called Leadership in Practice.
Cants Plants
Rotarians got the shovels out, turned up with 70 trees, and joined forces with Duntroon School to beautify a rest area on the Alps to Ocean cycle trail at Cants Rd, Island Cliff.
The land was given for the purpose by Duncan and Evelyn Taylor and a shelter with panoramic views of the upper Awamoko catchment was erected by Whitestone Cheese.
To Calm Nervous Families, Pakistan Changes Polio Vaccination Tactics
Paralysis cases spiked after a vaccination drive was derailed by false rumors that dozens of children had collapsed and died.
After serious setbacks in April led to a cluster of new polio cases, Pakistan is revamping its vaccination strategy in a renewed effort to wipe out the virus.
Professional Development Exchange 2019
This year the Professional Development Exchange (PDE) was with Tasmania. Rotary uses its network of business leaders to give six professionals face-to-face access to the decision makers of leading edge operations in their industry. This year it was agriculture and tourism. Click below to read about a few of the vocational visits of the Rotary District 9980 team with Rotary Tasmania.
One of several cheese factories visited (sampled).
At $1,500/kg truffles are a high value crop.
The latest in sheep handling technology.
Foundation Auction

Another successful Rotary Foundation Auction, raising a whopping $4095! This contribution makes a huge difference to those who need our help most.

Thank you to Sally-Ann and the team at the Loan and Merc for kindly providing the venue and nibbles.

A great night!

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