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North Otago Motor Group
24-30 Severn Street
Oamaru,  9400
New Zealand

Thank you for your patience, our next meeting is 5.30 p.m. Wednesday, February 24 at North Otago Motor Group. The fun’s free, it’s $10.00 for the meal and $3.00 Drinks. Please join us to hear a fascinating guest speaker. Is he the busiest man in the Waitaki District? Quite possibly. He’s definitely got a heck of a lot on his plate right now. He’s got to balance the books, fill the potholes, fix the pipes, test the water, set his mates Rates, sort out where he can save and what he can spend. All in a day’s work for Paul Hope, the Council’s number one bean counter (Chief Finance Officer) and now Acting Assets Manager as well, looking after roads, drinking water, stormwater and sewage. So he’s going flat out, especially this year with Rates likely to be going up, thanks to rising costs, government changes and the fact that the Council opted for a zero Rates rise last year during the Covid lockdowns. So how’s Paul dealing with the latest property revaluation which gave local house prices a big boost? And what effect could that have on your Rates? How is he dealing with climbing costs and budget blowouts? And why is he looking after roads as well as Rates? Find out on Wednesday when Paul Hope joins us as our guest speaker and, who knows, maybe tells us if our Rates will be as high as Dunedin’s!!