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The Perkins Residence
88C Weston Road
New Zealand

A great big, friendly Level 2 greetings, everyone. I hope you’re out and about,
enjoying the modest amount of freedom our lords, ladies and masters have seen
fit to grant us.
The good news is that we WILL be able to meet on the 15th. It’s not likely we’ll
get 50 people turning up but if we do, hey, let’s strap ‘em down, sign ‘em up and
don’t tell Ashley Bloomfield!!
It won’t be compulsory to wear masks either. You can if you wish, of course,
and you’re welcome to but you’re also welcome to be maskless. The rule about
wearing a mask indoors only relates to PUBLIC spaces, not private homes, so
it’ll be a personal choice when we meet at the Perkins’ home on the 15th.
The Inner Wheel Club is catering on the night, as a fund-raiser. They’ll serve a
smorgasbord main with casseroles and veggies and coffee and a slice for pud.
Price for the meal and one drink is $25, payable in advance on-line or with cash
on the night.
Brian and Dawn’s address is 88c Weston Road. Look for the David Reid Show
Home on the left hand side of the Road, just past District Road and the green
WESTON sign. On the Weston side of the Show Home, you’ll see a driveway.
Turn into that driveway (don’t park on Weston Road) and straight ahead you’ll
spot the Perkins’ house - the only one currently occupied. There’s an empty
section to the left where you can park. For more directions, give me a call on
021 114 3189.
Looking forward to seeing you at 5.30 p.m. on the 15th and having a good
discussion. Bring your thoughts and topics. A few more have come up:-
A possible Christmas tree sales fund-raiser. Does that appeal?
And a District-Wide Pumpkins for Polio fund-raiser. Are we
Setting up a fund for the Forrester Gallery to add new art works.
There’s no such fund now. What are your thoughts?
When do we hold the Alex Parmley public meeting? I think we’ll
have to wait till Level 1 or some Level 2 rules have been relaxed.
And you’ve probably got topics you want to discuss as well so be sure to raise
them and give chance everyone a chance to hear how you want things to be. Be
there or be square, as we used to say in the swinging 60s.
88c Weston Road, 5.30 p.m. Wednesday 15 September.
See you then - PJ (President Jim)