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Grant and Ele's House
635 Burnside Road
New Zealand

Ho. ho ho  he wrote in a novel attempt to get your attention. ‘Tis the season an all that and, more to the point, we’re getting ever closer to this Wednesday’s Christmas Party, generously hosted by Grant and Ele Ludemann. at the Burnside Road home.

They’re providing ALL the food and drink, which is a lovely gesture. They have invited us to bring friends and guests, and I’d love it if you did. Please register ASAP, plus your guests, so we can get numbers to Ele. AND HERE’S THE GREAT THING - all Ele is asking is that each of us makes  a donation to her daughter Jane’s Trust to fund research into a rare form of ovarian cancer. Let’s do it!

If you’re coming, head through Weston to Enfield, turn left at the old school road (before The Fort), drive up the hill to the T intersection, turn right and keep going past the grand Burnside Homestead. Look for a road running off diagonally to the left, drive straight ahead up the hill and Grant, and Ele’s gate is the first on the left at the top. We’ll try to have some balloons or a jolly old Santa to let you know you’ve arrived.

Grant and Ele are happy for partners/family/friends to join Rotarians at dinner at their place, 635 Burnside Road, Windsor, this Wednesday December 12th – at 6ish. See you there and bring a very merry mood!!!!

Register via Clubrunner, or by emailing Jim on or calling 021 114 3189 

Please register ASAP and by Monday 5pm 10th December 2018 at the latest.


In lieu of payment, donations  to Cure Our Ovarian Cancer would be appreciated. This is a registered charity set up to fund research into Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer, a rare and frequently incurable disease.  If you want a receipt so you can claim a tax refund,  please write your name, address and the amount of donation attached to the money.

If you prefer to make an electronic payment the bank account is  “Graci Low Grade” 02-0800-0832411-01.

GRACI (Gynaecological Research and Clinical Innovation) is a NZ charity established to improve outcomes for women suffering from a gynaecological cancer. The trustees know that  research is the key to progress and are passionate to see women with low grade serous ovarian cancer benefit from the latest advancements in the field. In addition to their broad gynaecological cancer research, they have set up a research fund specifically for low grade serous ovarian cancer.

 Donations to GRACI’s Low Grade research fund will help fund NZ based research which could include preclinical research in collaboration with larger international research centres (laboratory research to better understand the cancer and test treatments to see what might work in humans), and participation of NZ women in clinical trials (which would allow women access to medication otherwise unavailable in NZ).