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Weston Hall

New Zealand
Greetings, Rotarians. Hope all’s well in your worlds. Great meeting last Wednesday. Good feedback about the food and the speaker. Now to business. It’s time to rev our Rotary engine. You’ll remember Paul Mortimer mentioned the Rally of Otago and the need for Marshals. And reminded us that this has, in the past, been a fine fundraiser for our Club. So, who’s a starter? 
The Rally comes through our patch on Sunday, the 14th of April. There’ll be 3 Timed Stages here and 30 Marshals (not all Rotarians) will be needed to supervise side roads.  
You’ve got a choice of 3 different options, meaning you can go for the one that suits you best. Here they are:
Option 1: Starting 6 am at Weston, ending at 1.15 pm
Option 2: Starting 7 am at Bobbing Creek, ending at 2 pm
Option 3: Starting 8.30 am at Maheno, ending at 1.30 pm 
So as of now, it’s pick and tick. Pick the option that suits and tick that you’re signing on for a great day. Believe me, having done it last time (when Hayden Paddon came through) it’s a real blast!!  
Paul would like 15 Rotarians - including mates, colleagues, keen teens and such - to enlist. My plan is to ask the Directors this Wednesday to approve a BBQ or similar at days end for all those taking part. 
After all, Rotary’s about about fellowship first and foremost and when better to recognise that than after we’ve done some fundraising. 
Two great reasons to get involved. Sign on before Thursday and let us know if you’ll be bringing anyone with you. 
Fifteen fine fundraisers for a fab fun day!! That’s all we need.