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The Galleon
500 Thames Highway
Oamaru,  9400
New Zealand
Greetings again, Rotarians. Trust all’s well in your world. Just a quick update before next Wednesday’s meeting.
Our speaker will be Hamish McCallum. Hamish is a survivor, a winner and someone with an incredible story to tell. He’s met Adair who suggested we invite him to speak, which he will do on the 27th. We’ll have more on the 4wheel drive trip on Saturday as well. That will be a unique opportunity.
Please register for the meeting by Monday night at the latest so we can let Tania know the numbers on Tuesday morning for catering purposes. Feel free to bring a friend if you know someone who’d enjoy Rotary.  
We’ll be meeting at the Galleon once again. I was hoping we may have been able to sample a new venue for our second February meeting but that’s now happening on the 13th of March - hence the switch.
And remember to register as early as possible, please. 
More on the Rally of Otago in April, the 14th to be precise. Paul tells me we won’t need as many volunteers as originally thought. But we still need 22. So far, we’ve got 10. If you’re up for a good day, let us know ASAP. And feel free to rope in any petrol head mates. 
Remember, this will be a good fundraiser for us. so let’s get the numbers.  I’m going to ask the Directors if they’ll fund an after-Rally BBQ or similar. That way, we’ll make Fellowship part of the day as well.
As you know, we’re also hosting a group of Tasmanian Rotarians for 3 days in April. They’re here to build skills. Sven will be heading over to Australia’s southern island with a Kiwi group later this year.
It turns out the key thing we’ll need to provide is beds, so if you can host a visiting Rotarian while the Conference is on, please let us know.
That’s it for now. Don’t forget to register ASAP if you’re coming next Wednesday. Apologies from me. I’ve got to represent the Council at an out of town meeting on the 27th and 28th but Blair will guarantee you a great time, of that I’m 110% certain!!! 
Jim Hopkins