The Business Hive
Ribble Street
Oamaru,  9400
New Zealand

Greetings, everyone. A quick reminder and “Thank You”. Let’s do the “Thank
You” first. Thanks to everyone who helped with the Rally of Otago. And to
Paul, who’s put in hours to make it happen. You all helped fund raise for the
Club and support a truly global event. I met people from the Philippines,
Australia and throughout NZ, like a group from the Waikato, on a dusty gravel
road between Oamaru and Duntroon, all of whom had come for the Rally.
Take a bow, lads. You done good!!! The Reminder? Tomorrow night is when
our Youth Leaders cook tea at the Hive, Ribble Street., from 5.30 pm. No
charge. All you’ve got to do is come and meet the young people who’ll lead
the way tomorrow. Show them you respect them. See you there, FOC.

Entries today to Blair Middlemass via phone 021 174 1961 by Noon.


Jim H