CPR training equipment donated by the Rotary Club of Oamaru. A worthwhile piece of equipment that benefits the hospital and the Oamaru community.

Staff of the Oamaru Hospital are thrilled following the recent installation of CPR training equipment.

The equipment has been donated by the Rotary Club of Oamaru. It includes a resuscitation mannequin that operates on smart technology.

The “Sim Man Essential” is an advanced, full-sized adult resuscitation mannequin that teaches people how to perform CPR. It includes a variety of equipment that includes a sim pad unit, a smart device that can be linked to the mannequin.

The sim pad, which runs off internal Wi-Fi from the mannequin, enables users to practise resuscitation scenarios, and feedback from the unit lets them know how they can do better. The total cost of the equipment was about $12,400.

Nursing education co-ordinator Trish Bloxsom and interim Oamaru Hospital chief executive Janice Clayton were grateful to Rotary for the donation. Mrs Bloxsom believed the equipment would help hospital staff save lives. “Ideally, if somebody drops, everybody will just know [their training],” she said “It’s not just in-house – they take the training with them. They take it wherever they are in the community.” As well as having the potential to save lives, the equipment also saved the hospital on training costs. Previously, hospital staff had to travel to Dunedin for mandatory training, which could be quite costly, Dr Clayton said. “The impact of it is huge for us in terms of savings,” she said.

Rotary Club of Oamaru director Blair Middlemass was proud to donate the equipment on behalf of the club. It was good to know the donation was going to a good cause. “It helps the hospital and it helps other members of the community as well,” Mr Middlemass said. “It’s a good community effort. This is where our Bookarama money ends up.”