Posted by Tania Lowery on Jul 16, 2019
The Personal Polio Challenge is something that I am encouraging every member of our District to be involved in. 
What is it for?
To raise funds for the End Polio Now campaign, something that I believe we must stay focussed on, we owe it to the world’s children to ensure this disease is eradicated from our planet forever.  And we are so close to this goal of 100% eradication that we can’t take our foot off the pedal.
What do you do?
Grab a Personal Polio Challenge jar, set your very own personal goal (for example, my goal is to contribute $1 to the jar for every 10,000 steps that I do during my District Governor year).  By making up your own goal it keeps it realistic and achievable for you, and gives the jar the best possible chance to be filled!
What happens next?
Bring your jar along to District Conference in Balclutha 17-19th April 2020, and have your money counted and added to our District’s contribution to the End Polio Now campaign.
There will be a prize for the highest individual contribution from the jar, as well as a prize to the club who has the highest contribution (made up from all the jars held by individuals in that club).
The other challenge regarding Polio that I have issued is to every club in the district, and that is to sponsor Phil and myself $1,000 per club to do the “Ride the Trains” polio fundraiser in Sydney on World Polio Day, 24th October 2019.  It would be great to present $31,000 to The Rotary Foundation, as our contribution towards the End Polio Now campaign.